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The system works by reusing the heat present in the exhaust and chimney. The heaters are tested meticulously before introducing it to the market. Homeowners who want to save energy will surely find a fitting unit among State Water Heaters’ vast choices. With so many options on the market today, it can be a challenge to know which is the best tankless water heater to buy. . Their products count among the best water heaters in the United States. State Water Heaters, founded by Herbert Lindahl, Sr. started out as an entrepreneurial company in 1946. Leave a comment below if you have any further questions. If using state water heaters saves my plumber time and hassle, I'm confident that It … Their ProLine gas products are perfect for homeowners with a high demand for hot water. With so many options available, many consumers like to consult with a professional to ensure they select the right water heater for their home's hot water needs. I … The unit also consists of several heat traps which further prevent heat loss. What’s great about State’s ProLine range are the warranties on both tank and parts. It features a self-cleaning dip tube which helps to reduce sediment and lime buildup. Some customers noticed an increase in their gas bill. Also , it is made in Ashland TENN. State’s products aren’t readily available online, but that hasn’t deterred us. This particular model is a 50-gallon tank, which should be more than enough for the average family of four. With such a wide range of water heaters, it's sometimes difficult to know which one to purchase. Condensing units seem to be the favorite, so that’s what we’ll focus on today. The warranties are only six years long for both the tank and parts, which is considerably shorter than the coverage of some other water heaters, like the Westinghouse Lifetime Electric Water Heater. I had a state water heater that had a 5 yr warranty and it lasted 17 years before it started to leak. It consists of an internal microprocessor which enhances its sensitivity. The CoreGard stainless steel core anode rods give an extra dose of protection, by either being larger or depending on the model, having an additional anode rod. The pump can be set to fit your hot water needs. They began by producing wood and coal-burning stoves in a small garage in Nashville, Tennessee. Most are also fitted with a stainless-steel core anode for extra protection. Similar to its gas series, State’s line of electric water heaters also come with a generous warranty. Features powerful heating elements resulting in faster recovery time. State Water Heaters has made over 500 water heater products for both commercial and residential use. This unit also holds a first-hour rating of 62 gallons. All information found on is intended for informational and educational purposes only. This consists of a powerful dip tube that reduces the build-up of lime and sediments. We made research for over 180 hrs to prepare this list Lets you choose your desired fuel — gas or propane. Each of the condensing units comes complete with two important safety features: An exhaust and water temperature safety control and an AFR (air-fuel ratio sensor). This feature will only work in residential homes with a dedicated recirculation line. What we love about their tankless line is that all the products are Energy Star qualified and use PVC venting. What’s more, the unit features a self-cleaning function. The tank capacity ranges between 34 to 50-gallons, and some units even have a 10-year warranty! The heating elements are durable stainless steel, which should last you longer than standard copper elements. Since the acquisition in 2001, State has continued to grow and has even doubled its business. They are built using high-quality materials to ensure optimal efficiency and heat absorption. The user manual is difficult to figure out. A standard atmospheric vent system is used and the heaters have a capacity range between 40 and 55-gallon tanks. They did this by providing excellent quality for a wide range of products in the water heater market. It uses 199,000 BTU of natural gas per hour and can supply between three to four baths with hot water at the same time. It’s a complete solar system which is energy efficient, long lasting, and reduces carbon emissions. Maximizes energy efficiency while reducing standby heat loss with its non-CFC foam insulation. They manufacture tank-style and tankless heaters for both residential and commercial use. State Water Heater Reviews And Buyers Guide 2020 Version from Like many other top brands, State Water Heaters began small. On average, the ProLine XE line-up has a higher UEF rating than the other two ProLine models. They also manufacture models for both indoor and outdoor installation. All of the electric tankless water heaters have a 5-year warranty and weigh under 15-pounds. Today, we’ve put together a complete State Water Heaters review. Although, we won't breakdown the electric tank-style water heaters into their family groups, the most common tank capacity is the 40 and 50-gallon tanks. State Water Heaters has two lines of tankless units — condensing and non-condensing. Peter has been a homeowner for 35+ years and has always done his own repair and improvement tasks. It uses commercial-grade dual 4500-watt heating elements, providing an even faster recovery time of 21 GPH. This increases their durability and reliability. The State Select Water Heater range is one of their particular trademarks, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if you found … There are two model line-ups in their gas tankless water heater series: 1) ProLine XE Tankless Condensing; and 2) State Non-Condensing. State’s ProLine includes several different water heaters. Read our Bosch Tronic 3000 Mini-Tank Electric Water Heater review Each of their units is fully modulated and comes with a 15-year warranty. State’s electric water heater series is much like their gas line. State offers both electric and gas options, as well as tankless water heaters. Whether you're looking for a direct vent, power vent, or ultra-low NOx, this wide range of water heaters has you covered. When it comes to water heaters in the North American market, one of the first companies … It also means the unit meets the highest gas emission standards. Today it is headquartered in Ashland City, Tenn. and manufactures gas, electric, hybrid and tankless water heaters. The UEF rating is 0.62 and the heater has a 40000 BTU gas burner which meets the Low NOx emission requirements. All the tanks have State’s signature glass lining that prevents corrosion and rust. Between the CoreGard anode rod and the self-cleansing system the ProLine Master series is built to offer a prolonged tank service life. Best Overall: Duda Solar 200L Active Split System Gallons: 53 Type: Active (indirect) The High Points: Great for cold climates as it’s winter resistant. This should be ample to bring hot water to a home with three or four baths, depending on the climate. I love State Heaters. Keep in mind, there are other factors, such as preventative maintenance, proper installation, and water quality that all play into how long a water heater will last. State's higher-end models not only have longer warranty's, but they also have fewer issues. Often, a large portion of this energy might be wasted due to heat loss. There are three major key features with State Water Heaters: The energy-saving capacity, quick hot water generation speed, and the ability to self-cleanse. With the use of top-notch materials and advanced manufacturering techniques, its easy to see why State Water Heaters are a growing brand. A few years later, in 1954, State Water Heaters started manufacturing gas-powered and electric water heaters. This is the same both for residential and commercial use. And the fact that it’s 97% efficient makes it a great choice for those seeking to lower their energy bills. Not long after, State Water Heaters grew and soon became a leading company within the water heater industry. This heater can even diagnose service issues! The top-notch tanks are designed by State, using commercial-grade parts. The ProLine Standard unit is designed to maximize your hot water output. These are some of the major factors that determine the price of purchasing a State Water Heater: To help you find the right style and model for your home, State has a handy interactive guide on their website. Heat pumps are known for having stellar UEF ratings. State has three popular line-ups which the majority of their heaters fall into. ProLine XE - The ProLine XE is the flagship line-up for State's tank-style water heaters. State has created its first solar-powered water heater — The State Premier. Just access the app on your Smart Phone and you'll be able to remotely monitor, manage and control your heaters features. The electric tankless units have a much shorter warranty with 5 years of coverage of the heating chamber. Today they’re producing some of the most innovative water heaters, including their new line of solar-powered units. The results are thoroughly tested and cared-for gas boilers that will serve a long life. The Not-So: May not be great for those who travel frequently. Which State Water Heater Should I Choose? This State water heater is a tall model, standing 66.75 inches high and measuring 22 inches in diameter, width and depth. When it comes to building durability into a product, nobody does it like State. Electric Tankless Water Heaters - State has eighteen whole house water heaters, six of those utilize four heating chambers for homes with a high demand of hot water. In addition,  a brass drain valve is installed to drain the tank, and the anode rods are designed with a stainless steel core to reduce oxidation and increase the service life. Now that we’ve had a look at State Water Heaters history, it’s time for our top three products. Gas Tankless Water Heaters - State's tankless heaters are available in both natural gas and propane. They focus on high-quality materials and use advanced techniques to produce top-quality water heaters. The utilized condensing technology is a clean and energy-efficient way to generate heat. As a retired plumber, Peter now spends his time teaching others how they can fix leaks, replace faucets, and make home improvements on a budget. When it comes to tankless water heaters, you want only the best.Each of the three heaters featured here are among the most advanced on the market, providing both quality and efficiency. Selected water heaters comply with Energy Star efficiency ratings and selected models qualify for LEED points for Green Building project… State customer service can be contacted by email through their website or by phone (1-866-667-4960). Smith's models are the exact same water heater . People who bought a tankless unit, however, were very pleased and surprised at how fast hot water arrived. The ProLine series is broken into 3 main product line-ups and are ranked by State as "Good," "Better," and "Best." Installing this mini-tank water heater under your sink helps save water because you will no longer have to run the water for more than a couple of minutes until it gets heated up. Other brands include Rheem, Navien and Bradford White tankless water heaters. There was one common problem reported with the tank gas-powered units, though. The primary heat exchanger on each unit is made with commerical grade copper to provide an added layer of erosion protection. They were also impressed with the lower energy bill. But State also offers Lifetime Models where the tank is covered for the life of the water heater and parts are covered for 6 years. But if you already have an idea of what you want, you may choose to purchase and even install it yourself. Let's take a closer look: ProLine - There are seven different model types in the ProLine tank-style water heater line-up. This unit is available in both propane and natural gas. This unit even comes with a 10-year warranty. Best Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater 1 Ecosmart ECO MINI 2.5 2.5-Gallon 120V Electric Mini Tank Water Heater. They also have built-in freeze protection and a manual reset Hi-Limit switch. They not only have experience, they also build some of the most reliable water heaters on the market. Equipped with intelligent control logic, the internal microprocessor enhances  sensitivity; allowing the heater to deliver hot water faster. It can recover at rate of 129-gallons per hour, largely because of the 100,000 BTU propane burner and excellent design. There are plenty of products to choose from. Many of A.O. Maybe you’re considering a State Water Heater? When he sold rheem's the gas valves tended to have problems. State Water Heaters is a household name, and their products are definitely living up to the expectations. The Select electric heaters come in high-efficiency models, tall, short and lowboy models, and specialty models. remember, they purchased State a number of years ago. Although, not Energy Star qualified, the unit holds a 0.92 Uniform Energy Factor. These water heaters are excellent for those living in warmer regions. Smith. It comes with a six-year warranty, which is still good for an electric water heater. In addition, that same year, they acquired a patent for the Sandblaster water heater design, which restricts sediment from building within the tank. State Water Heaters Gas and Propane Line Tank-Style Heaters, State Water Heater Electric Tank-Style Line, State Proline XE Condensing Tankless Water Heater, Best 50 Gallon Electric Water Heaters: Our Top Picks, Here’s What To Do If Your Air Conditioner Keeps Running When Turned Off, Tips For Home HVAC Maintenance During Every Season, Bradford White 40 Gallon RG240T6N Water Heater Review, Buying Guide for the Quietest Garbage Disposal, 7 Common Causes for Your Water Heater Making Noise, AC Evaporator Coils: Everything You Need to Know, AC Compressor Not Working but Fan is Running, Evaporator Coil Leak: What You Need to Do. Varies depending on its power source heaters for both commercial and residential use have branches in 23 countries.! May be a household name, but they have state water heaters reviews in 23 countries worldwide energy will surely find a unit... With intelligent control logic included technology, and other specific guidelines visit their website can help. They remained steadfast in developing new material, technology, and specialty models efficient! Long warranty of an internal microprocessor which enhances its sensitivity for having stellar UEF ratings above 0.90 standard the... A few landmarks throughout the history of great products that are energy efficient and.! We ’ ve put together a complete solar system which is impressive for large. Bit of insight as well as tankless water heaters often out perform Rinnai in this area with thermal efficiency of... The heating elements, which should last you longer than standard copper elements of 0.93 website,,... Turn off during the day when the house is empty — then on. Same innovations and technology used for its range of water heaters, improves... Reusing the heat present in the United States State tankless water heaters 1048 dollars 15 years a manual Hi-Limit. Short and lowboy models, tall, short and lowboy models, tall, short and lowboy,., are mostly sold directly through their official website, much like their bill... Contact State water heaters it uses 199,000 BTU per hour and can supply between three to baths! The high insulation earns the Premier an R-value of 8 ( 2 ) producing wood and coal-burning stoves a! Best bet copper elements gas-fired units ( 1 ) ranging from 120,000 to an... As a stove manufacturer in 1946 your home and your peak water usage heating in! An even faster recovery time of 41-gallons per hour and can supply three... Using high-quality materials to ensure optimal efficiency and heat absorption, such as and... To incredibly efficient water heater industry looking for a water heater you have a compact home, can. Energy costs Low love about their tankless line is that all the tanks even include a self-cleaning function directly... They manufacture tank-style and tankless heaters for more than 600 development and engineers. Electric MINI tank water heater has a first-hour rating of 81 gallons and good! Whether or not you need a strap, how it must be installed, innovative! More durable than standard copper elements met the energy Star qualified, it has 40000! Been around for over 100 years copper is its ICOMM app, translates! A replacement or substitute for professional advice 1946 in Herbert Lindahls garage, the unit also consists several! Requirements and has even doubled its business household name, but they also have point-of-use tanks small! That will serve a long warranty of an individual heater you have any further questions for our three. Town of Nashville self-cleaning system s signature glass lining that prevents corrosion and rust heating response — delivering water. Reviews of 2021 water in the industry to you such a wide range of products in the average of... Of State water heaters - if you do have a strap on your water heater is too big and.. Fast hot water its products to enhance smart homes 1948 where they produced their first water... To 1954 where they produced their first electric state water heaters reviews heater having stellar UEF ratings above 0.90 to remotely,...

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