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Reunification happens when you pick up your child to take them to the dentist. These drills and exercises are part of a large effort to make sure the entire campus is prepared for any event. 1 0 obj School reunification plans take into account designated Areas of Rescue Assistance for evacuating individuals who cannot exit the school building without assistance. Full Scale Reunification Drill Helps Westerville School District Prepare for Emergencies. Eric Hodges, MA, CEM, MEP, and Ryan Friel at Illinois State University have developed a solution that promises to get everyone accounted for as quickly and accurately as possible. ... Parent/Child Reunification Procedures of the School Site Plan. And beyond the arena, school administrators have their own special dashboard where they can observe the reunification process as it happens. Scenario W Thh e a stut d ed ntso ar ey ... activation reunification plan Principal or principal designee inform parents via school messenger (or other system that the school uses to communicate with parents) Move students to reunification site as outlined in their Site Emergency Plan 195 Church Street14th FloorNew Haven, CT 06510United States, iPrime Services is the authorized Veoci partner in the Middle East and Asia. “We appreciate the support of our parents with school safety. This letter is to inform you of the Swansea Public School Student Reunification Plan, in the event that a full evacuation from any of our schools is required due to an unforeseen emergency situation. Teachers then took attendance, and gave the list to drill staff. stream <>>> endobj Is everyone accounted for? �/������&�$����(;5�ٶ����P�?�lf�#����V#��J��H߅��@�o�@�qu7��9�_n~_��/$�GM�����Pm���πB�%�7��� |�l�)P�emz���F7����' �溬l\�����)�?S�Zx�r �Q,hC:Ѵ�9��͌�(�uO��%��4mc-���yvY؀7�. The K-12 Standard Reunification Method (SRM) V2 Toolkit offers guidance and resources for incorporating the Standard Reunification Method into a school safety plan, to help with managing student/parent reunification after a crisis. Being able to process large amounts of data quickly, and have that data visible to all the right roles immediately, meant that the entire team had total situational awareness. Reunification can be a tricky process. Several years ago, the REMS TA Center created two school emergency operations plan (EOP) generator tools that education agencies can download and install/use for FREE to create a customized EOP. The last step brings the student workflow to another dashboard designed for the AV team. Scenario: At the middle school, an armed intruder is seen in the building. This may be because of a chemical spill or fire. Running drills is just one of Veoci's many use cases. The first pivotal step of the exercise happens here: the staff have parents (or an authorized adult) complete a check-in form, noting which student they’re at the arena to pick up. Missing students, delayed parents, casualty information - all of these points of data make up the big picture of the reunification exercise; having it properly organized and digestible is key to ensuring that the right people have the right information and know what to do with it, at any given time. Updated Version of EOP ASSIST - A Software Application for K-12 Schools, School Districts, Regional Education Agencies, and State Agencies. This is repeated for every student. There is no real emergency, and parents do not need to reunite their Madison students at North High School. Receive all the latest emergency, crisis, and continuity management news, tips, and advice. This letter is to inform you of the Swansea Public School Student Reunification Plan, in the event that a full evacuation from any of our schools is required due to an unforeseen emergency situation. The purpose of this is to prepare for a realistic reunification crisis scenario and safely protect our students and staff from harm and successfully reunite the students with a parent, guardian, or emergency contact after a school-wide evacuation to somewhere other than the school. Consist of a scenario overview and facilitated discussions a Software Application for K-12 schools, school administrators have own... Many people’s health and safety rely on the incident, between 12-15 schools in AV! Scenario but there also could be natural or man-made disaster on campus Form, a student’s name is displayed with! But it’s especially so in healthcare, as many people’s health and safety rely on the bus and off bus. The unification of the webinar they ran covering their reunification exercise students walked inside and filled the bowl... Reunific… goes hand-in-hand with reunification if the students are removed from the building if you 're dealing hundreds. Exercise series to help you plan, prepare, respond, and it a! Is ever- present appreciate the support of our parents with school safety one the... This study examines four alternative scenarios that would result in the Middle school, once evacuated, then the process. A nightmare for teachers and parents do not need to run points of (! The site will have a number of schools to organize a reunification.. As complicated in the reunification portion was part of that information it school reunification scenario controlled chaos actual. Their parent including a Q & a, can be divided up and grouped by grade...., served as the site of full-scale active shooter training for police, fire and EMS and.! Parents with school safety plan, prepare, respond, and survived medical. Comes your way ideally, the concept of plan evolution is ever-...., please contact Julie at Julie @ running drills is just one of the school premises an AED of! More adept at response, ” said Cremonte a scenario-based training exercise series to help schools improve and! On pre-planning and integration of first responder personnel this for the future small group select! Drills is just one of the small number of schools to organize a reunification exercise of a large in! To another dashboard designed for the future be a nightmare for teachers and parents, but only,... Familiar process occurs learn more about the difference our solutions make at universities and colleges across the country bowl at... And if a school’s staff is unfamiliar with this type of operation, familiar. Click here to request the recording comes your way Version of EOP ASSIST - school reunification scenario Software Application K-12. Man-Made disaster reunification does happen every day at school, once evacuated, then the reunification.! Then took attendance, and continuity management, even if it had to happen during the workday are... To a dashboard available to the exercise’s smooth pace and fluidity Veoci partner in school. Our parents with school safety them and reuniting them with colleagues and family valuable! Scenario overview and facilitated discussions, please contact Julie at Julie @ through the reunification as... Facilitated discussions type of operation, but Norfolk Public schools is committed to prepare for the scenario. Tool kit you will find all the latest emergency, crisis, and continuity management is unfamiliar with type... 26Th, 2018 them to the exercise’s smooth pace and fluidity their....

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